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It was last August and my 40th Birthday was coming up fast.

On a whim I decided to schedule a photo shoot to inspire and motivate me to get in my best shape possible as I hit this milestone birthday. Like usual I’d been following my Fit Yummy Mummy Workouts and was staying fit and strong, but after an eye opening fitness adventure I decided that I wanted to prove to myself that I could actually get in the best shape of my life at the time when so many women are talking about their metabolism slowing down and accepting that they’re never going to get their body back or be the lean, ‘sexy’ version of themselves they were when they were younger.

I Needed Something
To Turbo Charge My Lean Body Progress…

I did what I knew would have the greatest and most immediate effect – I dialed in my nutrition…it was working, but I’d done that before during many FYM Transformation Challenges.

I knew I needed something even more…something to turbo charge my progress if I was going to get in the best shape of my life and all in just 6 weeks.

So I did what I would typically do when I’m trying to step up my training…I reached out to a couple of fellow fitness professionals that were known for getting themselves and their clients in World Class shape…FAST.

They provided a few tips and tweaks to the training and nutrition plan that I’d developed for myself…and then they revealed their Secret Weapon:

Sizzlers: The KEY To Rapid Fat Loss

In their quest to increase the metabolic effect of their workouts they started finishing each training session with a strategically sequenced series of exercises designed to create an intense demand on the body to induce maximum fat burning and post-workout metabolic boost.

In spite of the fact that these Sizzlers being short…as brief as 4 minutes in some cases…the results they produced were dramatic.

So I plugged them into my plan for the final 6 weeks leading up to my photo shoot and finished every workout with what I now like to call a “Slimdown Sizzler”.

The Results Were Nothing Short of Incredible…
I Got In The Best Shape Of My Life And Then Some!

 Here you can see the result…

Slim Down Sizzlers 1 -

Now, I’ll admit, the picture you see here is a little less conservative than the ones that I regularly share on my blog and on Facebook.

Rather than accepting that turning 40 meant that I has to settle for something less than I was in my 20’s or 30’s I wanted to feel confident, sexy and Amazing…I wanted to feel like I was becoming the very best version of myself.

And my Slimdown Sizzlers helped me make that possible.

Now, I’ll tell you that Slimdown Sizzlers are not for everyone.

While they are short…they are intense.

Very intense.

Most weeks I’d just sneak a Sizzler into one workout. That’s all.

But when I decided that I wanted to get leaner and tighter in a hurry I started adding the sizzlers on at the end of every workout for a couple weeks and before my eyes….the extra fat started melting away!

Slim Down Sizzlers 2 -

And the best part is that if I decide that I want to get back into what I like to call “photo shoot ready shape”…or maybe even improve on the results I got when I turned 40…you can bet that Slimdown Sizzlers will be my secret weapon again and again.

So here’s the question….

Do YOU Need Slimdown Sizzlers?

Like I mentioned before…Slimdown Sizzlers are not for everyone.

You can follow any one of my FYM programs and absolutely get leaner, fitter, healthier and happier than you have ever been. Each program has been specifically designed to fit into a busy mom’s lifestyle and help her get in amazing shape. To be honest – NO, You do not need Slimdown Sizzlers to make this happen.

But if you want more…if you want to get in the best shape you’ve ever been in, to see definition like you never have before…then Slimdown Sizzlers can be your secret weapon, just like they were for me.

Or if you want to simply accelerate the results you’re getting with any of my other FYM programs…adding a Slimdown Sizzler on at the end of your workout a couple times a week will give you that fat incinerating, turbo boost you’ve been looking for!

What Do You Get With Slimdown Sizzlers?

I have created an extensive Video Library of my favorite Sizzlers. All you have to do is choose your format, watch the quick Learn It Video then Decide which workouts you will add them to for maximum fat incinerating results!

Equipment needed ranges from using just your own body weight (36 workouts) to dumbbells (11 workouts), kettlebells (19 workouts), bands (15 workouts) , medicine ball (3 workouts), stability ball (4 workouts), low aerobic step (3 workouts), bench/step, suspension trainer like the TRX (5 workouts) and a mat.

Sizzler 1

FYM Sizzler Format #1: One & Done (4 workouts included)

One movement. Just set the timer, and go! These are great ways to focus on specific energy pathways (alactic, lactic, or aerobic) and overall conditioning.


Sizzler 2

FYM Sizzler Format #2: Carry Me Home (6 workouts included)

Carrying combos are some of the best ways to finish a workout, period. They force you to engage your core, stabilize your shoulders, and really work the afterburners. They will likely provide a good mental sweat too (i.e. I don’t think I can hold this any longer!)


Sizzler 3

FYM Sizzler Format #3: Down & Back (6 workouts included)

Don’t have a watch? No problem. These finishers are distance based, and provide a nice mix-up to mainly time-based finishers. You can literally “see” your progress as you move through the workout. Adding any combination of locomotive movements (walking, running, crawling, jumping, etc.) is a great place to start.


Sizzler 4

FYM Sizzler Format #4: No Space, No Equipment…No Problem (11 workouts included)

All you need is enough space for a small closet, and you can get these ones done in a hurry. No equipment necessary. These are some of my go-to’s on the road or if I’ve already lifted heavy that day.


Sizzler 5

FYM Sizzler Format #5: The 5×5 Formula (5 workouts included)

This is a great way to build volume at the end of a workout with some movement that still demand technical proficiency. If you are already smoked, you may want to hold off on these.


Sizzler 6

FYM Sizzler Format #6: Ladders, Countdowns, and Count-ups (6 workouts included)

Another fun way to build volume at the end of a workout. I like to stick to movements that I’m good at, just can’t do a ton of. These work great for bodyweight exercises as well.


Sizzler 7

FYM Sizzler Format #7: Complexes and Combos (5 workouts included)

These are perhaps the most metabolically demanding and draining of all the finishers listed. You know how much work needs to get done; now you just have to get after it! Complexes: Do the prescribed number of reps before moving on to the next motion. Combos: Do one rep of each movement in combination, before returning to the start position and repeating for the desired number of cycles.


Sizzler 8

FYM Sizzler Format #8: Density Sets (11 workouts included)

Don’t have a lot of time? Density sets are a great way to get a lot of work in fast. You can track progress over time by tracking how many rounds you are able to complete in the given time period. I like to keep my density sets brief (5-8 minutes) at the end of a workout, but if you bump any of these up to 8-20 minutes, they could easily stand on their own.


Sizzler 9

FYM Sizzler Format #9: Timed Intervals (25 workouts included)

Timed intervals are the most flexible sizzler available! These high-intensity timed interval workouts are 15x more effective than an hour of moderate cardio. Whether you’re short on time and need a quick workout, or just want to add some extra intensity to the end of your strength training session, one of these mad minute sizzler routines will do the trick and then some!


Sizzler 10

FYM Sizzler Format #10: Wheel & Spokes (5 workouts included)

Perhaps one of the most fun and most effective for tightening up a trouble spot while simultaneously ramping up your fat burning metabolism, the wheel & spoke format will certainly become one of your favorites!


Sizzler 11

FYM Sizzler Format #11: Recovery Finishers (5 workouts included)

Sometimes after a workout, you’re just spent. These finishers, while still challenging, will help open up your hips and shoulders and speed up your recovery to get ready for tomorrow.



Plus The Slimdown Sizzler Success Guide

In this downloadable handbook you not only get access to the outline of all 89 workouts but will also receive tips on how to best use your Slimdown Sizzlers, how to fit them in your training calendar, workout trackers and a fat burning meal plan guide all to help you maximize your fat burning results.



That’s 89 total workouts!
Sizzlers Total Mock

You can literally go 3 – 6 months without ever repeating a workout!

Your body will have no choice but to improve faster than ever before!

Get Started with Your First FYM Sizzler TODAY for ONLY $99.95

Today Only $99.95

****I understand that by clicking the “Order Now” button above I am agreeing to purchase
the Slimdown Sizzlers Online Video Program. I understand that this is an
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Today Only $99.95

****I understand that by clicking the “Order Now” button above I am agreeing to purchase
the Slimdown Sizzlers Online Video Program. I understand that this is an
online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.


Your Friend and Fit Yummy Mummy Coach,

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Holly Rigsby, CPT, MAT, KBA
Author, Fit Yummy Mummy


P.S. – FYM Slimdown Sizzlers are the perfect solution for Busy Moms who want to take their bodies and performance goals to the next level and get in the best shape of their lives.

P.P.S. – Like I mentioned before…Slimdown Sizzlers are not for everyone. If you are just interested in losing a couple pounds or dropping a dress size, any one of the amazing FYM programs will do that for you. But if you want my secret formula for getting in the best shape of your life, it’s simple…add a Sizzler on to the end of your FYM Workout and watch the fat melt away faster than you ever thought possible.

Today Only $99.95

****I understand that by clicking the “Order Now” button above I am agreeing to purchase
the Slimdown Sizzlers Online Video Program. I understand that this is an
online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.